Rings & Bases

Detachable Aluminum Rings


The new Angle-Loc™ Detachable scope mount system provides the same removable feature as the traditional Weaver-style mount. These rings have all excess weight removed to provide a slim new look, but are performance guaranteed to withstand the toughest field conditions..

  • Lightweight 100% aircraft quality aluminum
  • Coin slots for easy removal and installation
  • The Angle-Loc™ clamping system provides a rock-solid mounting with normal finger pressure on the clamp cross-bolt.
  • Available in three finishes – bright, silver, and matte
Detachable Mount Illustration

Item Diameter Description Finish  
Detachable Rings
DT00001 1" Low Bright Buy Now
DT00002 1" Med Bright Buy Now
DT00003 1" High Bright Buy Now
DT00701 1" Low Matte Buy Now
DT00702 1" Med Matte Buy Now
DT00703 1" High Matte Buy Now
DT00901 1" Low Silver Buy Now
DT00902 1" Med Silver Buy Now
DT00903 1" High Silver Buy Now
DT00704 30mm Low Matte Buy Now
DT00705 30mm Med Matte Buy Now
DT00706 30mm High Matte Buy Now
DT00708 .22 Cal. Med Matte Buy Now
DT00709 .22 Cal. High Matte Buy Now
DT00908 .22 Cal. Med Silver Buy Now
DT00909 .22 Cal. High Silver Buy Now
Vertical Split Rings
AL00019 1" Med Bright Buy Now
AL00719 1" Med Matte Buy Now
AL00919 1" Med Silver Buy Now
AL00020 30mm Med Bright Buy Now
AL00720 30mm Med Matte Buy Now
TP00709 1" Med Matte Buy Now
TP00710 30mm Med (.22 Cal) Matte Buy Now

Scope Mount Features & Specifications

Detachable Mount Illustration
Angle-Loc™ A-Height B-Height C-Height
Detachable 1" .115 .235 .470
Vertical Split 1" - .220 -
Vertical Split 30mm - .220 -